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About Us

Founded in 2002, Stewardship Technology is dedicated to serving God and His Church through the marriage of Biblical stewardship and technology. We provide technology products and services for churches and non-profit organizations that enhance their ability to fulfill their mission.

We are a faith based company and only partner with churches, 501(c)3 charities and private schools. This is important because most of our competitors are not faith based companies, know nothing about donation management and fundraising, and view the religious market only as a way to expand their business. Their primary customers are gas stations, convenience stores, restaurants, retailers, and online merchants. At Stewardship Technology, we know that the needs of churches, charities, and private schools are different than the needs of gas stations; because of this we have designed our products and services specifically with you in mind.

The employees of Stewardship Technology have decades of banking, ACH and credit card processing experience. Our employees have designed and built ACH and credit card processing systems that move tens of millions of dollars every business day. All of this experience has been applied to the needs of churches, charities, and private schools at a fair price.

At Stewardship Technology we also believe it is important to partner with other organizations that share our values and beliefs. Therefore, we have partnered with one of America’s leading Christian credit unions to provide vital banking services. For credit card merchant services, we have partnered with a faith based company who has years of experience providing credit card merchant accounts to churches and charities. Some of their customers include: Campus Crusade for Christ, FamilyLife, Full Gospel Baptist Fellowship, Good Steward Books, Promise Keepers, Willow Creek Association, and Wycliffe Bible Translators.

At Stewardship Technology we take our mission seriously; we serve the church through technology.