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Have you ever forgotten to bring your tithe check to church on Sunday morning? Perhaps, you have neglected giving to an offering when you were absent from church. Now, Electronic Giving Solutions provides the tools to fulfill your giving commitments.

Churches & Non-Profits

Electronic Giving Solutions is the leading choice for non-profits and churches. It is powerful, affordable and able to meet the online donation management needs of organizations of any size. If your religious organization or charity depends upon donations, you need EGS.

Schools & Daycare

How much time is your private school or daycare devoting to the collection and processing of tuition payments? With Stewardship Technology’s Tuition system you can spend less time worrying about money and more time in the classroom. And because it’s from Stewardship Technology you can afford it.

HQ & Denominations

Each year churches send millions of checks to regional, state, and denominational offices for budgets, assessments, benefits, and other purposes. Let Stewardship Technology show you how you can save time and money by creating a denominational financial network at a price you can afford.

Why do we do it?

In the United States there are thousands of churches that are strapped with debt, barely making it from week to week. We want to help pastors and their congregations embrace biblical stewardship of their time, talent and financial resources. After all, the mission of the church is not to worry about money.

What is a biblical steward? One who while not the rightful owner of a particular set of resources is given responsibility by the owner of those resources to both care for them, the steward, and for those whom the resources are meant. He is held accountable to use those resources for the purposes described by the owner. Those resources include treasure, learned skills, natural abilities, time, and the gift of life itself.

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