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Electronic Giving Solutions

Website integration

Electronic Giving Solutions makes it easy to integrate online giving into your website. Using our easy to use web form generator you can cut and paste web form directly onto your website.

Branding to Match Your Website Customized website branding to match your existing website. Included with your Startup Fee.
Donate Links and Forms Donate Links and Forms allow first-time donors to go to a Quick Donation form.
Donor Login Links and Forms Login links and forms allow donors to log in to their existing EGS accounts from your website.
Donor Registration Links Place Donor Registration Links on your site to give potential donors a place to sign up for Electronic Giving Services.
Custom "From" Email Address When donors recieve notification emails, this is the email address that they will appear to come from.
Site Intergration Links Intergration Links make it easy to redirect donors back to your website when they are finished donating.
ACH Do Business As Name Your organizations name will appear on your donors bank statement.

See for yourself how easy it is by using the link and form creator below. Note: the links provided below are for demonistration purposes only and cannot be used to make actual donations.

Use the following info to create or choose a form or link to allow first-time donors to go to a Quick Donation form. The Amount field is optional, but you must specify a Designation.

Amount: $ designated as *